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We have added a new Facebook page to our internet EMPIRE!  You’ll find it at this address You can also message us there at this address

Please visit us for your next auto service or repairs. Is your car ready for the summer heat? Taking a trip this summer and need new tires? We are your reliable local automotive repair and services neighbor. Please visit us if we can help you get your car ready for a summer trip or just to give it the tender loving care it needs to get you around town safely and reliably.

Thank you sincerely.!
Dave Wagner

Welcome’s To Wagner’s New Internet Location!

Mr. Wagner started his automotive service business more than a decade ago by working on his friend’s and neighbor’s cars in the rural outskirts of Rockford. I remember when he tore down his modest garage and built a fancy new metal one which can handle 5 or 6 cars at a time with multiple lifts and many tools. Now he has now opened his new location in Loves Park and his home garage is devoted to his favorite car as seen on the front page of this new website.

Mr. Wagner’s family recently added a new member while he has virtually built a new two story house with a basement in place of his original one story house without a basement. A true entrepreneur he has worked hard to build his home and his business. Please visit his new location when you need your next car service.